Subic community to celebrate Arbor Day

Subic Bay Freeport – Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) employees , residents, officials and executives from different locators inside the Freeport zone participate in the tree planting, forest clean-up and wildlings collection activity as part of the annual Arbor Day celebration.

Magtanum kitamo: Subic Bay’s Artbor Day, D-Day is this year’s Arbor Day celebration organized by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Ecology Center.

Dubbed as “Bi-ayang Chawon Year 2,” Arbor Day aims to highlight the values of trees and forests, and to educate and encourage the Freeport stakeholders to take care of these important natural resources.

“Bi-ayang Chawon means to continue doing the activities that would improve environmental awareness, re-introduce activities that would aid in the conservation and protection of the forests, and promote camaraderie among the stakeholders,” SBMA Ecology Center manager Amethya Dela Llana explained.

However, Dela Llana added that due to the pandemic, they will be implementing a pre-registration for the actual planting activity, which started on June 13 to limit the number of participating personnel.

Magtanum kitamo: Subic Bay’s Arbor Day, D-Day, participants took part in a half-day tree planting activity at the SBMA’s reforestation site in Pastolan Aeta village, collected wildlings at Pamulaklakin Forest Trail, and conducted a cleanup drive at the El Kabayo Forest, all inside the Freeport zone.