Tarlac City accelerates economic activities with Cresendo

New growth centers are emerging across the Philippines, propelled by economic dynamism, sustained demand for services, and strong investor sentiment. Despite the pandemic, the buzz of economic activity continues, and areas that are connected and easily accessible stand to become growth hubs.

Among the Philippines’ emerging business centers, Tarlac City stands unrivaled in terms of potential. Touted as a gateway to the North, Tarlac City is ready to benefit from the expansion of businesses from Metro Manila and is seen to attract more investors in the immediate future. 

Located close to major air and sea ports like Clark International Airport, the Subic International Airport and Seaport, as well as expressways such as the NLEX, SCTEX, CLLEX and TPLEX extension, Tarlac serves as a convergence point to service a multitude of industries. This leads to a greater concentration of socioeconomic activities in the area, providing it with a solid engine for progress. 

“The strategic location of our city makes it a melting pot of different people and cultures. This diversity and accessibility will always open up the city to various opportunities and development,” said Tarlac City Mayor Cristy Angeles.

A solid indicator of Tarlac City’s bright investment prospects is the establishment of Ayala Land’s Cresendo Estate. Reflecting its confidence in the potential of Tarlac City, Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) is investing P18 billion to develop the 290-hectare contemporary urban estate that will feature a 32-hectare Industrial Park, as well as a 42-hectare commercial district. 

The estate will also host Don Bosco Cresendo, the newest campus of Don Bosco Tarlac, which will house its senior high school in 2023 and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Center in 2025. With these developments, Cresendo is geared to promote education, employment and enterprise, seen to propel Tarlac City’s progress in the years to come. 

“Cresendo’s arrival in our city is a big boost to our economic activity—businesses will open, employment will open, and being in the heart of the province, all municipalities and [even] parts of Nueva Ecijia and Pampanga will gear towards Cresendo here in Tarlac City. In a way, Cresendo, I believe will be our partner in our development,” said Mayor Angeles.

More importantly, Cresendo’s entry will steer Tarlac on the path to economic recovery following the challenges of the pandemic, opening up the city to more opportunities for its skilled labor force. 

“One of the many treasures of Tarlac City that we can always boast about, is that we are rich in skilled manpower. Our workforce is so diverse that we are capable of sending skilled workers here and abroad. Agro industries, manufacturing, and the professional sector are some of the biggest workforce recruiters in the city.” Mayor Angeles added. 

Tarlac City Mayor Cristy Angeles during the groundbreaking ceremony of ALI’s Cresendo estate together with Congressman Victor Yap, Brgy. Chairman Angelito Torres, Fr. Eduardo Hila of Don Bosco Tarlac, ALI President and CEO Bobby Dy, ALI Estates Group head Meean Dy and the rest of the ALI Cresendo Project team.

Cresendo is seen to elevate and transform Tarlac City’s business ecosystem as it introduces world-class developments that will catapult the city among the ranks of Asia’s most dynamic cities.

“A major development, such as Cresendo, which is expected to increase local economic activities, provide enterprise and employment opportunities, and introduce innovations in education and sustainable development can help jumpstart our recovery efforts, and usher in a new era of progress and development for Tarlac City seen and felt by each and every Tarlaqueño,” said Mayor Angeles.

Even as it gears Tarlac City for the future, Cresendo will be designed to complement the city’s historical and cultural landscape. “When we talk about development, there is this fear that it might totally alter the historic landscape of an area along with its historical landmarks and identifying features, which is why we are glad to see that Cresendo adopted Tarlac City’s poblacion setup that has existed since the Spanish era, so instead of altering our historic landscape, Cresendo enhanced and complemented it, thus highlighting the rich history, culture, and heritage of Tarlac City,” added Mayor Angeles.

At the heart of Cresendo is a 1.5-hectare central plaza with a church, school and a commercial district- inspired by Tarlac City’s población. 

More importantly, Mayor Angeles believes Cresendo will be a driving force that will not just provide new opportunities for Tarlaqueños, but also serve as a pivotal partner to achieve the city’s long-term vision.

As the Mayor shared, “Every new development brings within new opportunities for growth and progress. I believe Tarlac City is on the right track towards becoming one of the top business hubs in the region and in the entire country,” she said. “Here in the city, we have the vision of one day becoming a clean and emerging economic giant at the heart of Central Luzon, so yes, we hope and we will continue to work hard to maintain and fuel this progress for the benefit of the people of Tarlac City.”