Tarlac cries foul over ASF fake news

TARLAC CITY — The Provincial Government of Tarlac howled in protest over the fake news regarding the alleged infection of Tarlac pigs with
African Swine Fever [ASF] posted on  Facebook by a certain Central Luzon News Center.

It was  written by one Nelson Bolos.

Dr. Maria Lorna Baculanta, in a statement sent by the Provincial Information Office,  said that there is no spread of ASF in Tarlac province.

“We have all the data to prove that the farm he is
alluding to is free of this ASF contrary to the claim of Bolos,” Baculanta said.

She added that that Bolos never contacted her or went to her office to confirm his report.

The veterinarian said that Bolos was referring to the Golden Harvesta Incorporated in Mayantoc in which, according to Baculanta, the management of the farm denied that they were contacted or granted Bolos an interview.

“The report of Bolos is bogus and definitely a fake news. ASF is not an airborne hog disease. That alone proves that he is not properly aware of his report,” she said.

The Provincial Information Officer of Tarlac, Arvin Cabalu commented the report of Bolos is definitely a fake news owing to the fact the data lacks accuracy and has no specific source.

“All his sources are bogus as he was never able to name names in his report. How can he claim that his sources refuse to be named for fear of reprisal if in fact they will become heroes if indeed their claims are true,” Cabalu said.

Cabalu further stated the photos Bolos posted are also fake.

“The photos he posted are flawed. How can nobody notice the dead pigs except him? They number in the hundreds…it could have been picked-up by national media and throngs of witnesses could have
come out in the open if that is really the case,” he pointed-out.

Baculanta produced a document issued by the Bureau of Animal Industry [BAI] dated December 13 stating that Golden Harvesta Incorporated located at Gosood, Mayantoc is free of ASF. The
certification was signed by Dr. Claro Mingala, the Officer-In-Charge and Assistant Director of BAI and has a validity until January 3 next year.

Governor Susan Yap texted Bolos about his erroneous report over Facebook and told him, “I heard that you came out with a report that there is ASF at Golden Harvesta, this is quite irresponsible. We have lab results from BAI that hogs are negative there. Cause of death of hogs is not ASF but stress because they were imported from Canada. Pls be careful what u report. Quite irresponsible.”

In which Bolos replied, “Copy Mam. I Texted u po for ur comment..we will edit the report or may come out w another story (sic), problem really was we were refused entry when we went d other wk, we should hav been properly informd by them. thank you po for your message n merry xmas.”

The governor further texted Bolos, “Well all livestock hogs and chicken farms practice biosecurity measures. That’s our paramount objective now to keep Tarlac ASF free. And many have worked to keep it that way!”

Reacting on the text of Bolos that they were refused entry [to the farm], “He can’t just walk into a farm? Super high biosecurity. “

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