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Toyota is always known for their reliability, comfort and how their vehicles can hold their value. In the Southeast Asian market for automobiles, Toyota is the number 1 brand to go to, with massive amounts of aftermarket parts from replacement parts for engines, suspension and even to the smallest bolt.

The Toyota Innova is an MPV or “multi-purpose vehicle” and stood out in the Philippine market with its first generation which started its production in 2004. And after major amounts of facelifts to the models, the first generation ended in 2015.

The second generation of the Toyota Innova is a game changer. Toyota delivered us with a meaner, futuristic look and yet with the same practicality with the first generation. But a major difference is that it looks more like an SUV rather than a MPV, it doesn’t resemble the round figure and van-like characteristics like the previous generation.

What’s inside
Inside the Innova you are greeted with good quality materials from dashboard to the seats. Everything feels crisp and well-made. You also still get a great view when you’re driving.
The Innova comes with an entertainment system which is touch screen, push button start and stop and a GPS in the higher models, 7 air bags, anti-lock brakes, stability control and rear parking sensors.


The Toyota Innova is made for practicality and comfort with its massive amount of headroom and knee room, arm rests and lots of cup holders which can easily hold a 500ml bottle for your drinks. The Innova is perfect for those families or friends travelling to distant locations or just to take a trip to the nearby mall or eat outside. But you may want to leave the rear seats for children or people under 5’6″.

Booth space is one of its shinning points. The Innova, even with its rear seats inclined, has 300 liters of booth space and if you reclined the rear seats, you get a massive 758 liters of booth space, which is more than enough for everyone in the car’s luggage to fit. If you really need bigger space for let’s say construction materials or furniture, you can fold the middle seats which gives you a gargantuan 1,128 liters of space.

Under the hood
The Innova variants includes the base model J, the mid entry level E, the higher spec G and the top of the line V.
There are two engine variants, a 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel with 171 HP and 360 N·m of torque and a 2.0-liter gasoline with 136 horsepower. Both great engines, but in my opinion you are better off with the diesel engine for its power and fuel efficiency.
Both models have a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift. It also gets power and economy modes.

Final Verdict
The new generation Innova’s look is more SUV like, is perfect for families, for its seating capacity to its massive booth space. Whether you’re going on long trips or the mall with your family or starting your own small business and need to carry larger items, the Innova can do both.

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