Tribute to Frontliners “YEAR OF THE NURSES 2020” – WHO

Across Asia, Europe and North America, hotels and even property developers are transforming their silent but intense appreciation to all frontliners by lighting up their buildings with symbols and emojis. Millions of front line employees from various specters of professions had so bravely rendered hours of chores each day, risking their lives to serve us or to save lives since the COVID-19 alarm sounded late last year. Thousands had succumbed while serving and saving us. 

Leading the frontliners in this critical period are nurses and doctors. We salute them as much as we salute our supermarket cashiers and baggers, bank tellers, airline crews and staff, hotel teams, street cleaners, Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) teams manning the check points, security guards, delivery boys etc… the list goes on. 

To the nurses, there is a special recognition and honor that uncannily happens to their profession this year. They will be commemorating the 200th birth anniversary of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale on May 12, 2020. Florence Nightingale was the English lass from a well off family who heeded the call from the Lord to serve the sick. The gallantry, dedication, and virtue of this Lady with the Lamp will hold a special meaning this month around the globe as we struggle combating COVID19 and and caring for the infected. Florence Nightingale died in 1910 at the age of 90. 

It is our fervent prayer that we could all honor our nurses and doctors to orderlies; counter staff to roomboys; social welfare teams to policemen; barangay tanods to security guards; our religious leaders of all faiths and all others in the front lines in these difficult and challenging times. 

On May 12, 2020, we hope to pay homage to the Lady with the Lamp and our current unsung heroes in this pandemic by lighting our properties with a ‘heart’ to show appreciation, support, and solidarity. Send out a ‘heart message’ to your friends and family who are in the frontlines or dedicate songs to them on the radio. We hope you could participate in this simple yet meaningful gesture of giving our hearts to the men and women who are keeping us safe and healthy. 

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