Women’s group holds climate change congress in Clark

A group of women legislators is currently hosting a summit that aims to discuss the crucial role of women in the fight against climate change.

Women Involved in Nation-building (WIN) opened its 23rd Annual Congress on October 10 at Hotel Stotsenberg in Clark Freeport. The congress will run until October 12.

Victoria Aragon, president of WIN, said women especially mothers should be prepared for natural calamities.

“When disaster strikes, there should be separate evacuation centers or areas for women and their children. It’s a way to avoid sexual harassment issues in temporary shelters, as well,” Aragon said.

Aragon said participants to the climate change summit include department heads from different local government units in Central Luzon.

“After the summit, we expect our participants to share the knowledge they learned to their respective communities,” she added.

Some of the topics for the fight against climate change include interventions for women in disaster situations, the role of women in climate change adaptation and mitigations, updates on the women’s law and the power of women from the perspective of men, among others.

Founded in 1987, WIN is an organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting the participation in national development. Its members include local legislators, lawyers, and budget officers among others.

The group holds various summits that aim to assist women leaders in government and women’s groups to establish links and undertake programs and projects; provide a forum for policy development; and serve as a conduit for legislative advocacy.

WIN has also started to award grants to local women with small businesses.

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