The yellows and commons sense

How many times we’ve heard that common sense is so uncommon. I recall my days in elementary school whenever my teacher scolded a ‘row 4’ pupil who can’t answer a very simple question by blurting out, ‘use your coconut Facundo’. What the teacher really meant was that Facundo should use his common sense for him to be able to answer the question.

Would you believe that story bannered in an Indonesian newspaper written by a foreign-based journalist that President Rodrigo Duterte gave President Joko Widodo the ‘go signal’ to hang the Filipina drug mule Mary Jane Veloso? Common sense will dictate that no way Duterte can bark an order to a president of a sovereign nation. And no man, even if you’re not president, will tell a president: “Go ahead Mr. President hang Veloso now.”

A newspaper reported that President Duterte said that former President Noynoy Aquino ‘s followers were attempting to build a case to impeach him. The Duterte quote: “Do you know who’s behind this?” He answered his own question. “It’s the yellows.” If you have common sense, you’ll believe it that if ever there are some moves by some groups to impeach Duterte, it will come from the Liberal Party. Why? Because Vice President Leni Robredo will succeed him. She ‘s now the highest ranking member of the LP in government.

Now in case former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos will win in his protest vs. Robredo and him becoming Vice President, don’t you think the Noynoy Aquino group will not do everything in their power to keep Duterte in Malacanang?