5 Reasons why you should not miss the Big Bad Wolf Pampanga

Last call for haulers! You only have until July 22 to experience the Biggest Book Sale in the Philippines.

1.      Awesome books at 50% – 90% off recommended retail price

Yes, you are reading it right! The books offered at the Book Sale are as low as PHP40 and there will be books for all, ranging from novels, children’s books, young adult titles, thriller, science fiction, cookbooks, architecture books, design books, business books, and many more!

2.      It’s a 24-hour Book Sale!

Have you ever experienced walking through 1 million books at the wee hours of the morning? Yes, we are not kidding. The doors never close during the 11-day Book Sale and this means, you get to enjoy your book shopping experience at any point of time of the day. Fret not of the traffic jam and your shift working hours, you will be able to pick your favorite books at your convenience. Tips: Best timing to visit the Book Sale is after midnight!

3.      See the characters come alive through the Magical Books that are available ONLY at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Looking for the perfect book for your kids? We have just one! The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will also be selling their unique Magical Books. Being the exclusive distributor of these Magical Books in Asia, these interactive books utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) technology that allows children to sing, dance, read and play at the same time, making them part of the characters’ journey in the story. There are 12 titles up for grabs at the Sale and it comes along with an interesting promo of Buy 7 Free 1 with each at PHP290 only! You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity! There’s also #MagicalBookMomentPAM19 contest where 5 of the most creative photos submitted through Instagram and Facebook with the Magical Books’ characters on the Hippo Magic app will stand a chance to win a PHP700 cash voucher and the winners will be announced on 21July.

4.      Meet the home ground author Vicky Veloso-BarreraVicky shares a great passion for reading and embraces the belief in spreading the love of reading among her fellow Filipinos. Here’s your chance to meet homegrown author, Vicky Veloso-Barrera and get your hands on TheSign of the Rabbit children’s adventure series! Hurry on over to the Book Sale this Sunday, 21 July 2019 at 2pm and don’t miss out the chance of getting a hold of her book and don’t forget to take a selfie with her! 

5.      Interesting contests to win a whole Book Shelf filled with books home!

Stand a chance to win a whole bookshelf when you join any two of the on-going contests:


Snap a creative photo or selfie at the hall and upload the photo to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BBWPAMPANGA2019MYPHOTO and insert why you love the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale


Take a photo of your book stash, decked or displayed in the most creative way, upload the photo to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BBWPAMPANGA2019MYBOOKS and insert why you love the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

For more details about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Pampanga 2019, visit https://www.facebook.com/bbwbooksphilippines and @bbwbooksph on Instagram. Don’t miss out on the chance to go book-hunting with the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Pampanga!