7.8 M Central Luzon residents to be registered for PhilSys this 2021


Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) targets to register about 7.8 million Central Luzon residents to the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) this year.

PSA Regional Spokesperson John Rey Duay IV shared that the Step 2 registration is simultaneously rolling on 231 fixed registration centers.

“The process of our registration suggests that we will not register everyone in a year because on the average, one person could last up to 12 minutes to register. Also, given the situation that we are in a pandemic,” he said.

Registrants for the second step are required to bring their appointment slips for verification, and get their biometric information such as fingerprints, iris scan, and face photographs taken afterwards.

Also, PSA Region 3 reiterated that walk-in applications are discouraged to prevent the crowding of the registration centers, adding that the schedules followed for Step 2 are in accordance to Step 1 which was rolled out last year prioritizing the indigent and indigenous communities, and members of low-income families.

“As much as possible, those we cater in our registration centers are those only with prior appointments because of the pandemic. However, we cannot avoid that sometimes, there are those who will do walk-ins. If there are no registrants in line at the time of their visit, maybe we could entertain them,” Duay clarified.

Respective registrants who were not or would not be able to enlist on their given schedules should coordinate to the registration officers in their respective registration centers to be rescheduled. 

Meanwhile, Duay admitted that there are changes in schedules given that the Step 2 registration itself was delayed for enhancements in terms of system integration.

“There are times that schedules are changed because it depends on the situation in their area. Sometimes, the operations of our registration centers are suspended as some of their employees are being exposed to Covid-19. So, we need to quarantine them to ensure the safety of the people we will register. There are also times that other places are put into lockdown that is why the schedules are delayed,” he said.

Registrants who have lost their phones or haven’t received texts on their schedule for Step 2 could connect or call the registration offices to raise their concerns.

Moreover, receivers who are cleared for Step 2 are given claim stubs as tickets for their PhilSys identification cards which will be delivered on a door-to-door basis.

“We advise the public who underwent Step 2 to keep their claim stubs. They could also take a photo of it so that they will have a record if it goes missing. The ID would not be given without the claim stub because of the Data Privacy Act,” Duay announced.

He said that anyone other than the recipient could receive the ID given that the claim stub, a valid ID of the recipient, and an authorization letter are presented.

The expected delivery target is at most one to two months depending on the courier services, on community restrictions, and localized lockdowns.

PSA 3 ensures that PhilSys pre-registration enumerators are still deployed regionwide for Step 1, and those who will not be included will be catered once the registration centers are opened for walk-in applications.

PhilSys identification cards have no expiration dates, can be availed by any person of all ages, and these are to be used in transactions with the government as well as the private sector by simplifying the need for multiple IDs.