AHC responds to Alvarado’s call but Calumpit and Hagonoy still flooded

BULACAN-The Korean Water Resources Corp. who runs the Angat Hydroelectric Corporation (AHC) of Angat Dam responded to the request of Bulacan Governor Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado to implement proper water management to resolve continuous flooding in some villages in the towns of Calumpit and Hagonoy.

In a latest report received by the provincial government here, Angat Dam started reducing the release of water coming from the big turbines but the towns of Hagonoy particularly Calumpit were still suffering and experiencing 2-3ft of flood waters.

It was learned the response of the K-Water was only reducing the release of water from Angat Dam but what the governor’s want is to temporary stop the use of big turbines and instead use as alternative are the four auxiliary turbines.

On Tuesday, Alvarado humbly called on all concern government agencies particularly the National Power Corporation (Napocor), K-Water Resources Corp. and the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) to help the local government and people of Bulacan in addressing the perennial flooding in the province by enhancing the water management of Angat Dam.

The governor believed that only thing that can resolve the present situation of flood problem in the towns of Hagonoy and Calumpit is proper water management particularly in the operating of big turbine of Angat Dam.

By using the auxiliary turbines instead of the big turbines, the water flowing from Angat will only passed downstream direct to Ipo Dam who supplies water to Metro Manila and not to Bustos Dam.

If that happens, Bustos Dam will not be force to release water and at the same time business continues for Angat Dam.

Alvarado said the Angat Dam officials should use the four auxiliary turbines instead of using the big turbines. Operations of big turbine generates over-supply of electricity for business purposes.

He sought the national government to help them to urged Angat Dam officials to temporarily stop using the big turbines and use alternatively the 4 auxiliary turbines for 3 to 4 days only just to give time the flood water in Calumpit and Hagonoy to subside.

The governor, who is also the chairman of the Regional Development Council in Central Luzon believed that cooperation and proper coordination of Angat Dam officials and concern government agencies will resolve the issue.