Akbayan scores GMA plunder case acquittal over PCSO funds

Akbayan today expressed disappointment at the SC dismissal of the plunder case over the misuse of PCSO funds against former President GMA.

“This plunder case represented the only real opportunity to thresh out the crimes that were committed under GMA’s administration, and we believe there were plenty,” said Akbayan President Machris Cabreros.

“GMA is suffering from delusions of victimhood if she claims this is a vindication,” added Cabreros. “Her claimed vindication is mocks the letter of the law as she knows what she did — she plundered public coffers to ensure her political survival.”

“Her innocence is only as believable as the conspicuously absent neckbrace she used to wear,” teased Cabreros.

“The PCSO plunder case, filed by now Senator Risa Hontiveros, Danny Lim and Jimmy Regalario painstakingly details how GMA approved additional infusion of funds into PCSO intelligence funds which were then subsequently requested and withdrawn by people with explicit instructions from her,” explained Cabreros.

“The Ombudsman in fact saw the merits of the case and agreed that there was more than enough evidence to prove collusion to divert these funds through irregularly and dubious transactions.”

“This case was backed by meticulously dug up records and even by Senate hearings with the words of GMA’s co-accused on the record.”

“GMA may have escaped a final verdict, but the records will remain and anyone willing to read, can only come to the natural conclusion of her government’s moral bankruptcy: leaving office with historic negative approval and trust ratings, weakened institutions and infamy as a corrupt leader.”