Angeles City allocates P200M for computer labs in public schools

ANGELES CITY — Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. has unveiled a significant investment in public education, with a focus on leveraging technology to enhance learning experience by allocating P200 million to establish state-of-the-art computer laboratories in all 54 public schools.

Mayor Lazatin said these computer laboratories aim to equip students with essential technological skills and global competitiveness.

During his State of the City Address, Mayor Lazatin also emphasized the importance of providing quality education despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, recognizing the pivotal role of technology in modern education, aiming to bridge the digital divide and ensuring students have access to the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

In line with this, Mayor Lazatin said the City Engineer’s Office and the city’s Information Communication and Technology Division have conducted inspections of the current sorry state of the computer laboratories in different public schools.

The budget will be utilized to create cutting-edge computer laboratories in each public school, facilitating a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

These state-of-the-art facilities will empower students to develop crucial digital literacy skills and provide them with a solid foundation for future success.

Mayor Lazatin expressed enthusiasm for this transformative educational initiative and highlighted its expected completion by June 2025.

To ensure its successful implementation, a dedicated team led by Chief Adviser IC Calaguas and Executive Assistant IV Reina Manuel will oversee the project’s progress and effectiveness.

With the allocation of P200 million to advance public education through technology, Angeles City is taking a significant step forward in its commitment to providing quality education and preparing its students for a globally competitive future.