Bulacan policewoman shoots dead attacker

A policewoman on Tuesday surrendered after shooting dead a man who tried to attack her with a knife and set on fire her resto bar in Bulacan.

The Bulacan police identified the fatality as Marcial Tinguha, 54, and native of Jolo, Sulu, and currently residing at Bgy. Guijo, CSJDM,  Bulacan

Initial investigation revealed that Tinguha and his wife Esterlita, 52, a native of Aleosan, North Cotabato, were working as crew attendants at Charcol Tambayan and Musikahan resto bar owned by PSMS Jacklyn Fraulen Salboro, a policewoman assigned at S2, PIU, Bulacan police and resident of B66, Ph1A, Bgy. Narra, CSJDM. 

Police were told that when Esterlita went to switch off the lights in the resto bar, Tinguha followed her from behind, grabbed her arms and  tried to burn her face on the gas stove.

Esterlita was able to escape from Marcial, who set the resto bar on fire before going after his wife.

Esterlita asked help from Salboro and Tinguha turned his ire on the policewoman and attacked her with a knife.

Salboro wrestled the knife from Marcial which later prompted her to  shoot the suspect, killing him on the spot.

Meanwhile, the responding firefighters put out the fire at the restobar  and declared fire out after one hour.

Salboro immediately surrendered to the police and turned over her service firearm.

The Bulacan police are conducting an investigation on the incident.