Capitol reminds Tarlaqueños anew to adhere to health protocols


The provincial government reminded anew Tarlaqueños to adhere to health protocols as new COVID-19 variants spread faster.

“We need to keep in mind these new strains can be three to nine times more infectious which can affect the entire household,” Governor Susan Yap said in a radio interview.

She urged her constituents to avoid the different causes of spreading the virus faster most especially activities that require removal of facemasks and face shields such as eating together, drinking sessions, and the like.

To address the increasing positive cases, Yap reiterated that “Is it essential?” must be the first question before going out and crossing borders to other provinces. 

“We need two weeks of limited movement without saying any lockdown for us to decrease our daily positive cases,” she emphasized.

In its latest update, Yap said the COVID-19 referral hospitals in the province accommodating mild and severe symptoms are close to reaching their full capacities.

Along with this, she asked the cooperation of every Tarlaqueño going to these hospitals.

“We ask those needing services especially in the Tarlac Provincial Hospital to be more patient because our healthcare workers also get tired and the assessment requires thorough procedures,” she appealed.

Yap assured they are coming up with plans in reducing the waiting time for assessment.

Moreover, the governor reminded those travelling in and out of the province for essential purposes to register at for their passes.

Meanwhile, for easier contact tracing inside the province, Tarlaqueños are advised to download their personal QR codes at and save on their smartphones or print and bring with them in going out to scan on establishments with provided contact tracing scanners.