Capitol urges Kapampangans to look after health of elderly household members

The provincial government urged Kapampangans to regularly look after the health of their elderly household members.

This after latest figures from the Provincial Health Office indicate that majority of the COVID-19 mortalities in Pampanga are senior citizens.

In a public address, Governor Dennis Pineda said the provincial government has launched a program providing free RT-PCR test to elderlies with symptoms of COVID-19. 

“Immediately report to your barangay captains or barangay health workers if your parents have fever, cough, colds or other symptoms of COVID-19 so that they may be scheduled for swab testing. We [provincial government] will shoulder the expense of the test. All I ask is that you pay attention to the elderlies,” he said. 

In case they tested positive, the governor added that the province will take care of their hospitalization and medication in government hospitals, in order to prevent their symptoms and conditions from getting worse.

“If we look at the deaths in the province, it is because our senior citizens usually do not seek immediate treatment despite having symptoms. We usually take their symptoms for granted. Sadly, in a matter of five days, a person may die. In a matter of three days, he or she may already experience difficulty of breathing. Sometimes, upon arrival at the hospital, their oxygen level is already very low,” Pineda said. 

With these scenarios, the governor said that no matter how good the doctors in the province are, it will already be difficult to treat the patients. 

“Our aim is to reduce mortalities and be able to prevent or at least manage the cases well. However, we can only do so if you cooperate with us in terms of early detection through immediate reporting of probable, suspect, and confirmed cases,” he said. 

Meanwhile, for those who opt for private hospitals, Pineda reminded them to make sure that they already have an attending physician who will give them initial medications so that they can be immediately accommodated. 

“At the earliest onset of symptoms, report them immediately so that we can avert the worsening of their conditions. This is what we need now,” he said. 

The Capitol extended the implementation of stricter quarantine protocols in the light of increasing COVID-19 cases in the province. 

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