Chinese investors eyeing investments in Mexico town

The Mexico LGU recently hosted an “Economic and Trade Exchange Conference” with potential Chinese investors from Zhangzhou, Fujian, People’s Republic of China. 

The event, held at Kingsborough International Convention Center in the City of San Fernando on Saturday, July 15, marked an important milestone in fostering economic cooperation.

Governor Dennis “Delta” Pineda and Mayor Teddy Tumang of Mexico have welcomed the Chinese investors, led by Zhu Min, Acting Chief of the Economic Section of the Chinese Embassy, and Zhangzhou Mayor Wang Jinzu.

The Chinese investors visited the “Two Countries, Twin Parks Project” between Mexico, Pampanga, and Zhangzhou, Fujian. This projects seeks to deepen the collaboration between the two municipalities in terms of industrial development projects. It builds upon a previously signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two municipalities, demonstrating their commitment to mutual growth and prosperity.

Mayor Tumang said the “Through the ‘Two Countries, Twin Parks’ Project provides unprecedented opportunity for equal partnership, mutual benefit, and collaborative success. This venture will have a positive impact on both governments and the people they serve.”

Governor Pineda expressed gratitude to the Chinese investors, recognizing the significance of the event in promoting the province’s potential and strengthening partnerships between the municipality and the province. He emphasized that this collaboration will stimulate growth, development, and create numerous job opportunities for the residents of Pampanga.

““Mutual cooperation and partnerships are essential in economy-building especially in developing countries like the Philippines. Which is why we are thankful to Zhangzhou municipality in tying up with Pampanga LGUs, particularly Mexico for Cooperation in industrial development. We wish for prosperity and success to these Partnerships and your ventures,” said Governor Pineda.

In response, the Chinese investors expressed appreciation to Pampanga officials for their collaboration. They highlighted the business-friendly, and resilient environment in Pampanga province which offers attractive investment opportunities.

“We are extremely excited as this marks a significant milestone in the cooperation between Zhangzhou, Mexico, and the province of Pampanga. Remarkable efforts have been made to promote bilateral cooperation between Zhangzhou and the Philippines, and we anticipate achieving new accomplishments. We eagerly look forward to hosting new friends in Zhangzhou to discuss our future cooperation. This will undoubtedly lead to fruitful outcomes in terms of cultural exchanges, as well as economic and trade successes,” remarked Jinzu.

In addition to the “Two Countries, Twin Parks Project,” the municipality of Mexico and the province of Pampanga have collaborated with other Chinese investors on the construction of the “Mexico Global Construct City.” The endeavor has created employment opportunities and made significant contributions to the development of both the municipality and the province.

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