Coping mechanisms for students

Alberto my dearest friend, who is a teacher, under the College of Human Kinetics, at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, seek for my advice, on how he can help his students, who were mentally affected by the pandemic crisis, in many ways, which negatively resulted to not completing their projects on time.

The first word that came-out in my mind about this subject was acceptance. Accepting something that you do not have any control with, accompanied with the feeling of not being good enough, blaming oneself for not arriving to the goal, is one of the most difficult scenarios to swallow.

But hey, don’t you forget that there’s always a second chance to take. Stop beating up your mind, looking for the whys and holes, why you did not make it there – accept that there are really some things which are not meant to manifest yet, at this point of your life. Maybe something much better is waiting for you, which will lead you to the place where you have been dreaming of or maybe you are not ready yet for what you are wishing for.

We are governed by a lot of things unknown to us. The universe that you created inside your mind and being, will reflect in your reality. Meaning to say, maybe you doubted your capability along the way, even if you gave your all to the exam or in your studies. You did not believe in yourself. But you know what? This doesn’t even really matter because there’s always many choices out there waiting to be touched. Why stress? This doesn’t help. Look at the things that you accomplished instead of the ones that you haven’t grasped yet. There is a right time for all. Have you ever thought that maybe the moment is teaching you how to be patient and stronger? For these qualities are needed, if you aspire to be a leader or a president or owner, of one of the best companies in the world.

Do not get stuck to the emotion of self-pity, instead keep on walking or better yet, sit- be quiet-understand, self-heal. Life is a journey. It is a process, and everyone’s process is different. Because we are all different. Here’s what you can do to lighten the heaviness in your heart and to restore confidence: First, write down in a clean piece of paper, all the things you think caused your failure in exams or projects. Second, ask yourself – is the course that you chose to take is what your really prefer or it came from peer pressure or from your practical mind? Meaning to say, because it will bring forth economic abundance, fame or because it’s the trend, that is why you picked it? I suggest that you need to carefully reflect on this matter. This plays a big impact on the result of your performance and later in your life.

Third, how is the condition of your mind and body? Did you have enough rest, exercised, nourished your body with nutritious food and supplemented? Just like a soldier before going to a battle, you need to prepare your whole being when you undertake a heavy task. Success losses its essence, if it delivered an un-well body and burned-out mind, at the end. If you did not do these, now the right time to start self-care. Enroll in a fitness center or walk in the park, allot time for meditation or quiet time. Be ahead of the game. Fourth, is financial insufficiency one of your major issues, took half of your focus, that’s why you did not make it? If the answer is yes, ask or look for a support group or companies that aids students in your situation. There are still many kindhearted people and organizations who will be more than happy to support hardworking aspirants like you. Fourth, be optimistic. As the saying goes, try, and try until you succeed. Failing doesn’t mean that you failed unless you stop trying. Lastly, have faith in you and to the source of your life, your creator. If you have faith as small as a grain of a mustard seed, you can move mountains or bring heaven on Earth.


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