CSFP reconstitutes Arts, Culture and Tourism Council

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga — City government of San Fernando issued Executive Order CMO2019-33, reconstituting its Arts, Culture and Tourism council.

“The City Government of San Fernando has committed itself to planning, developing, and aggressively promoting its tourism industry, together with its arts, culture and heritage. This will be fully realized through the reconstitution of our own local council,” Mayor Edwin D. Santiago said.

There are two committees under the council including the Arts and Culture Committee and the Tourism Committee.

Under the Arts and Culture Committee, the group is tasked to prepare an annual plan that includes programs and activities for the promotion and preservation of local cultural heritage. It shall also be in charge of sustaining local cultural talents and revitalize the community’s artistic traditions.

“The committee shall also conduct cultural events to exhibit these talents and traditions. Aside from that, the group is tasked to declare and maintain local heritage zones and establish a local registry of cultural property, in close coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts,” Santiago said.

For the Tourism Committee, its primary task is to formulate programs and recommendations to develop local tourism facilities and attractions in close coordination with the City Tourism and Investment Promotions Office.

“The group shall assist in the regulation and supervision of tourism related establishments through accreditation, thus ascertaining safe and enjoyable stays for travelers and ensuring wholesome and clean tourism activities,” the city mayor added. 

The council is composed of heads and representatives from the city government, national government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector, academe and media.