Duterte to ‘worried’ foreign investors: ‘Pack up and leave’

Instead of easing out the concerns of “worried” foreign investors in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte simply told them to “pack up and leave.”

Earlier, the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, revealed that scheduled trade missions from the United States and the plans of US firms to put up more business process outsourcing (BPOs) have been cancelled due to the confusion in the government’s trade policies and Duterte’s anti-US rhetoric.

More than 1.2 million Filipinos currently working in the American BPOs in the country stand to lose their jobs if the US firms decide to stop their operations.

It is not clear how the Duterte administration will address the sudden pull out of American BPOs in the country that will put thousands of Filipinos out of job.

US Secretary Daniel Russel noted that aside from the US other friends of the Philippines have expressed “consternation” on the alleged anti-US rhetoric of Duterte.

Russel cautioned Duterte against his warming relationship with China.

Before leaving for Japan, Duterte urged foreign businesses worried about his deadly drug war to “pack up and leave.”
The firebrand leader was apparently outrage at comments made the previous day by Russel who went to Manila on a 4-day visit.
“These Americans are really crazy,” Duterte said.

“Russel says ‘Duterte comments causing worries in business communities’. Then you pack up and leave. We will recover, I assure you.”
Duterte flew to Japan, one of the top US allies in Asia, for a three-day visit that is partly aimed at building on two-way trade of more than $18 billion dollars.

“With Japan as the Philippines’ top trading partner, I shall seek the sustainment and further enhancement of our important economic ties.”