Electrolux wins two Singapore Good Design Mark Awards

Electrolux has won two prestigious Singapore Good Design Mark Awards (SG Mark) for its Multi Door Refrigerator and UltimateCare 500 washing machine and dryer set.

The Electrolux Design team were recently awarded at a ceremony in Singapore for their human-centric designs that offer outstanding consumer experiences and improve everyday living.

Electrolux Chief Design Officer Pernilla Johansson said: “We’re proud that these products – designed to make life better and more sustainable for consumers – have been awarded the prestigious SG Mark. Congratulations to all those involved.”

The winners

The Electrolux NutriFresh™ Multi Door Refrigerator features microclimate zones and Smart Split doors which reduce climate fluctuations and energy waste, creating an environment that allows it to preserve the quality of a wide array of food.

Different food types require unique storage conditions to stay fresh. To keep meat and fish fresh, many people resort to deep freezing but this Electrolux refrigerator comes with the UltraChill setting at -2°C which keeps items very cold but not frozen. This helps to preserve the texture of food for longer and reduces the need to defrost.

The new NutriFresh™ refrigerator also comes with a FlexFresh drawer, an optimal storage compartment with five temperature settings (-23°C to +7°C). This enables the user to store all types of food – from cheese and wine, meat and seafood, to cold drinks and frozen items – at the right temperature to help them stay fresh.

For example, deli snacks such as cold cuts and cheese should be kept at a temperature of +3°C while the optimal temperature for frozen food is between -18°C to -23°C. This drawer gives the user the flexibility to store items at the temperature that suits them best.

To help retain the juiciness of your produce, this refrigerator comes with a TasteLock Crisper with AutoHumidity Control which automatically adjusts humidity levels depending on the contents of the drawer. The AutoHumidity Control releases excess moisture from the compartment to help keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 7 days.

It also has a TwinTech Cooling System that cools the fridge and freezer compartments separately, so food stays fresher and odors don’t mix. The independent systems ensure optimal cooling and humidity to keep items in their freshest condition.

Meanwhile, the UltimateCare™ 500 Front Load Washing Machine and Dryer set comes with Vapour Care Technology that softens fabric while reducing wrinkles by up to 22%, resulting in the clothes that need less ironing. The same technology also eradicates 99.9% of allergens and germs, and it also comes with a SmartSensor in the dryer to eliminate over-drying, meaning laundry emerges clean and is longer lasting.

Established in 2013, the SG Mark is a benchmark of good design and that impacts businesses and communities in Singapore and beyond. SG Mark’s overarching goal is to influence culture and improve quality of life of different communities through good design.

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