Guagua sees gradual recovery of local economy from COVID-19

GUAGUA, Pampanga — The town’s local economy is slowly recovering from the negative impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. 

In an interview, Mayor Dante Torres said that from March to October this year, a total of 87 new businesses were registered in the town. 

“This is mainly attributed to the fact that our town is considered the Central Business District of the province’s second district,” Torres said. 

In addition, to maintain the town’s investor-friendly status, the mayor said the municipal government crafted an ordinance giving taxpayers of the town a little breather on penalties and surcharges. 

“Of course, as we aim to fully recover economically, we try to balance it by ensuring the health and safety of our people from the virus,” the local chief executive said.

With this, the mayor assured that while businesses in the town are thriving, they are strictly implementing minimum health standards and safety protocols. 

“Following the lockdown we imposed in our public market, we can say that our market vendors are now slowly recovering. However, to ensure safety, we do not let those who have problems or illnesses sell their products,” Torres said.

He added that as part of the town’s long term solutions to the ongoing pandemic, they require businesses to apply new normal standards and strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases. 

“We also monitor online businesses, especially those who are engaged in food business because they can add to our health problems if they are not regulated,” the mayor said. 

Torres added that the local government requires online sellers to register their businesses, as he assured them that the municipal government will also help them in terms of taxation. 

“We also regularly meet with business communities so they can suggest ways to help the sector. We also have a very good coordination with government agencies like Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Labor and Employment which help us provide livelihood opportunities to Guaguaeños,” the mayor said. 

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