How did you prepare your child for school?


Parents invaded the book shops and department stores, shopping for the school materials and needs of their children, for the school year. Understanding how children were greatly impacted by the pandemic crisis – physically, emotionally, and mentally – are material supplies for school enough to consider that your child is ready for the learning and to mingle?

For this reason, I asked few dear friends/parents, how they prepared their children for school’s new norm:

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Jamille Yang-Romualdez: Entrepreneur/ Life coach

After our usual routine at night, I help my daughter visualize what her day will be like in class and I ask what is she most excited about. This way, I set her mind positive, and to see school as an exciting place to go to. I remind her to always be kind when meeting new friends and to share toys when playing. Most of all, I tell her to be her bubbly self and have fun!

Furi Sherpa: Nepalese/Businessman/ Philathropist

Me and my wife explained to our son, Tasi – about the new school environment that he is going to face. I made him understand that it is time for him to be more dependent on himself. I told him that there might be children who will try to bully him, so I encouraged him to share his problems with me, so we can find a solution  together. Furthermore, I expressed  that it is okay sometimes, not to be not okay. It will make him stronger and appreciate joyful moments more. I trained him to sleep earlier, 2 weeks before classes open. Motivated him to make new friends, to act in accordance to safety health measures, and enjoy.

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Gilda Padua: Business woman/Tourism Expert

To form a new habit, so as not to make it difficult for my dear daughter, Ysabela. She practiced an early daily sleep routine few weeks before school time. While other kids get nervous on their first school day, my princess gets extremely excited. Many things pops up in her mind, like assignments and imaginary scenarios. Thus, I needed to calm her down. I taught her to take deep breaths whenever she is in this state, and to relax. I made her feel that I will always be there for her in each step she takes, not only in school, but in life.

Dexter Commendador: Former CEO/President Airasia/Pilot

Gabee, my daughter sleeps at 9PM everyday and wakes up at 5AM, which gives her ample of time to prepare for school. We coached her to do this pattern, a week before the school proper. Since we transferred her to a new school, Assumption College, to groom her for university life, if she has some concerns, to be open and  let us know. We as well encouraged her to join organization to make new friends, no matter what their status in life are. To see to it that she follow school protocols strictly, especially that she is not vaccinated – advised by her Derma/Immunologist doctor. With the back to face to face set up, I am excited that she can reconnect to her friends, bond and just be happy.

To all students out there, affirm with me: I can do this! I am ready to learn and excel. I have the power to succeed. I am strong, patient, capable and confident. And so I am!


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