INTUITION – Your Divine Guide

Intuition is popularly known as the subconscious mind, hunches, gut-feel or instinct. 

Intuition is the ability to understand or know something immediately through feelings. It serves as a guidance system in our daily choices in life, beyond what the intellectual mind could comprehend. 

Intuition is one of the inner intelligence that each one of us possesses, that is beyond thought, yet only few are aware of it. It is a natural faculty of every man and even animals. We do not have to do anything to gain it, for we are born with it, according to Osho,  a great Indian mystic. 

Our higher self or soul communicates with us constantly through intuition. Unfortunately, our psychic power is the most neglected and abandoned capability, which makes most people lose their chance to happiness. If only we could master how to listen to the signals it emits, we could live a peaceful, blissful and enlightened life.

Intuition is an awareness that does not pass through mental intellect, knowledge or logical reasoning. As a matter of fact, those blocks the purity and the goal of the intention. More so, intuition makes life easier to humanity. It creates a realization of our full potentialities and familiarity to the divinity that resides within.

Intuition is a divine intervention, making the unknown, be known. 

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched, when you turn around, you see someone is staring at you from a distance? Have you experienced picking up something from the grocery shop without thinking, then when you get home, it’s needed? Have you felt anxious and nervous without any reason, then you receive an unpleasant news after? 

I used to travel a lot when I was still involved in a corporate business. There was a time when I needed to attend a very important meeting, which was vital to the success of our business. So, I booked my flight, hotel arrangements and all in place.

The night before I was scheduled to leave, I felt I didn’t want to go, so I did not show up for my flight! My partners all freaked out and furious at me, because we were supposed to all fly together and I was not there! My lame excuse, I feel that the meeting will be postponed.

So exactly, what I predicted, the meeting was cancelled in the last minute, for the owner of the company got very sick! After that incident, my partners started listening to my insights and consulted me, whenever they feel in doubt and uncertain.

Another one, twenty-one years ago, my mother wanted to go back to USA. I begged her not to leave, because I felt, I will lose her.

How? I felt a painful stab in my heart – when she said she will leave. True enough, my mom passed away within that year, she got terminally sick abroad.

Intuition can be developed and strengthened.

First, recognize it when it speaks to you without judgement, such as a sudden feeling of uneasiness in your stomach, emotions of doubt & confusion, a feeling of joy, or simply the feeling of just knowing from the depth of your heart and soul.

Second, meditate regularly, to clear your mind from distractions, to quickly recognize the impulses you receive and deepen your connection to your higher consciousness.

Third, make time to listen to your gut feel every day and look for the answers inside yourself before making any kind of decision. Instinctive messages can easily fade away from the memory, start a journal writing to record, so you can remember the messages.

Neuro-science research says, that intuitive messages not captured within 37 seconds will likely never be recalled again. Fourth, act on the information you receive from your inner voice. By doing so, the channel between your subconscious and conscious mind will become stronger, makes it easier for you to discern. Lastly, trust yourself, the process and have faith in your inner wisdom.

See how fast you will arrive to your goals – by simply listening to the sweet whispers of your inner-mind.