Is the black water tiger year good for you?

Vividly, I could still remember the excitement and euphoria, the very first time I laid eyes on a Chinese Astrology book written by the enchantress Chinese astrology guru Suzanne White. It was given as a present on my 18th birthday from a kind acquaintance for whom I just met that time. It was exactly 34 years ago.

Since thereon, it became my guiding star. Every time I meet someone, I always inquire about their birth date to see if their signs are compatible with mine. It was interesting at the same breath intriguing, to learn the nature and behavior of people you are dealing with. As a matter of fact, it helps a lot especially in business transactions or in building relationships. You come to understand and respect people’s way of life and attitudes – greatly influenced by their inborn planetary signs and positions.

There are 12 animal zodiacs in the Chinese calendar with a 12-year cycle. The tiger falls on the 3rd cycle. The water tiger takes the spotlight this year, from February 1st, 2022, and lasts to January 21st, 2023. It takes place every 60 years. It symbolizes strength, courage, bravery, and has the power to drive away evil spirits. It is believed to be a prosperous sign. Are you curious if this year is going to be auspicious for you? 

RATS are encouraged to take advantage of the positive influence of the yang water and to make that move you have been delaying – to find contentment and success in the long run. OX born are better off not taking a sudden shift in their career for the timing is not in favor. Avoid pushing yourself to the brink that may lead to illness. 

TIGERS: You will excel on a new business venture this year. Self-care, indulgence, and travels are favored as well. Train yourself not to easily angered and being arrogant. 

RABBITS: You are advised to trust the universe and let go of control, for fighting against changes will leave you with bruises. You must find the line between being helpful and being taken advantage of. Though you will find monetary stability this year, watch out for excessive spending and stay away from risky investments. 

DRAGONS: You will see the best version of yourself. Patience, understanding, and compromise is required from you. Do not get carried away with all the attention you are getting from fans, instead focus on your economic and health goals. 

SNAKES: Personal growth and career changes are apparent in your sign.  Hold your temper to avoid confrontations and practice calmness, to get that promotion or business-related target you’ve been eyeing for. 

HORSE: The hard work you have put up for couple of years will finally be recognized and rewarded. Avoid physical exhaustion. Take a break for your mental and emotional well-being. 

GOAT relationship will be tested this year. Be aware and see the point of view of others to understand, to create harmony with those around you. Major purchases and loans are not in your favor. Have a routine health check-up and make time for rest to avoid complications.

MONKEY: Play your cards right without tricks and laziness. Save your funds and avoid quarrels. Watch out for new opportunities, some have potential. Your career will be stable, so do not worry. Try to meditate for mind peace.  

ROOSTERS: It is the time to put effort to better your personal relationships, get rid of all the things you do not use, and prioritize your health. Towards the second half of the year, finance will flourish and success in business is promised. You will live a satisfying life that makes you truly happy.

DOGS: Step out of your comfort zone. If you want to find love, go out, enjoy and meet new people especially on summer season. A surprising job offer will come your way on the middle part of the year. Do charitable work to plant good karma.

PIG has the chance for career promotion, but they are advised to slow down this year and make time for relaxation. Troubles and dilemmas from work and relationship will get resolved if you are willing to flow with the water tiger smoothly, taming your vengeful side. Investments are timely on the first half of the year. Find balance between work and family. The tiger supports you.

Overall, this black water tiger year favors all. Even with the burning blades of fire it brings about to some. Frustrations, challenges, are chances of oneself – to grow, refresh, rebuild – shift the eyes inward. 

The Chinese astrology can serve as a fun general guideline. Do not depend on it. There are other mysterious factors that affect lives. There is a higher power inconceivable to a human being that orchestrates all the ongoings in the Universe. If you choose to live with good intention each day, without doubt, everything will work on your favor every time. 

Welcome our dear black water tiger with open arms and love. After all, he is our friend.