Mega shabu lab discovered at foot of Mount Arayat


Police and anti-narcotics operatives discovered another shabu factory at the foot of Mount Arayat in Barangay Lacquios on Thursday, the second shabu laboratory overrun by authorities in a span of two weeks.

“This is the biggest shabu laboratory we have discovered not only in Pampanga but in the entire country, “said Senior Supt. Rodolfo Recomono Jr., director of Pampanga Provincial Police Office, while describing the equipment and facility in the area.

Recomono said however no persons were arrested during the raid as occupants scampered to different directions to avoid the approaching lawmen.

The raiding team, composed of operatives from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 3 (PDEA3) and local police, Recomono said found seven large hyrogenators and chromatograph machine inside the laboratory, situated around 5 kilometers from the shabu lab discovered in Magalang town recently.

“Each hyrdogenator can manufacture 50 to 100 kilograms of shabu per day as per assessment of the crime laboratory chemists, while the chromatograph machine is an equipment that determines the purity of shabu,” said Recomono over the phone.

Recomono said the laboratory is surrounded by an 8 to 10-feet concrete fence, with hog farms beside it and a melting plant of plastics.

“Good thing we have discovered this laboratory before it can produce and distribute finished products to the market,” Recomono said.

“My instruction to all police chiefs in the province is to be pro-active. And it pays,” he added.

Supt. Samuel Sevilla, Arayat police chief, was conducting regular inspection of all industries specifically hog and poultry farms following the discovery of a shabu laboratory in nearby Bgy. San Ildefonso (Bical), Magalang, Pampanga two weeks ago.

Sevilla said the compound is occupied by unidentified persons who quickly fled after they noticed the approaching policemen.

“It was also abandoned,” he noted.

He said no one came forward to claim ownership of the property.

Policemen and PDEA personnel are currently undertaking inventory of the equipment and seized precursors found inside the warehouse shabu laboratory.

5 thoughts on “Mega shabu lab discovered at foot of Mount Arayat

  1. Sana ipakita nyo ng actual sa mga representatives ng UN, CHR, EU, USA para malaman nila kung gaano katalamak ang droga sa buong Pilipinas at tumigil na rin sila sa pagtutol ng EJK.

  2. Good job Sr. Supt. Rodolfo Recomono, Jr. and particiipant-members of the PDEA and PNP raiding team. There are, however, some aspects of the raid that raises some concerns. First, you claim the property to be an abandoned warehouse inspite of it housing multi-million state-of-the-art shabu processing equipments; secondly, why wasn’t the subject property’s perimeters NOT SECURED to prevent the escape of “people” from an abandoned building?; why wasn’t any pursuit done after the escaping suspect from the supposedly “abandoned building”? NOW, what are you guys going to do with these shabu equipments and the “abandoned building? I say, TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES, MORE THAN ENOUGH, TO BE SUBMITTED AS EVIDENCES. Later, dynamite both the equipments and the warehouse, including the high walls. If it could be proven that the owner/s were also involved, to seize the propertty and placed these people in jail.

  3. So…dies the raiding team lack strategy? ?? Got no men at the side and at the back…forming letter “C”…so as nobody can escape. ..just an opinion

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