Pampanga Capitol employees donate blood to save life

At least 63 employees of the provincial government ​of Pampanga ​voluntarily donated blood ​during ​the regular blood-letting activity ​at the Provincial Health Office (PHO) ​​held the other day .

The ​activity is a pet project of Governor ​L​ilia “Nanay” Pineda, Vice Governor Dennis Pineda and the provincial employees for the benefit of pregnant women needing bags of blood during delivery and operation​,​ or in case of emergency.

The activity was facilitated by the PHO in cooperation with ​the ​Pampanga Medical Specialist Hospital (PMHS).

The donors were employees from the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), Nurse sa Nayon, Philippine National Police​ ​(PNP) and other offices.

This year’s theme, “Give Blood, for Those Who Give Life” ​is ​in ​tune ​with the Women’s Month Celebration.

Maria Katrina G. Zapanta, provincial voluntary blood program coordinator​,​ said donors were screened by Dr. Johnny Mangulabnan, medical officer III from Ricardo Rodriguez Memorial Hospital Annex​-​Bacolor to find out if they are fit for the blood extraction.

She also said the extracted bags of blood will be deposited at PMSH’s blood bank, being the partner hospital of PHO.

During the activity, donors were also given free glucose test and complete blood count (CBC) as a sign of gratidtude.