PLDT Enterprise supports e-learning for the College of Mary Immaculate of Pandi, Bulacan

In continuing its efforts to be a strong supporter of the education industry, PLDT Enterprise enables e-Learning for the students of the College of Mary Immaculate (CMI), a non-profit educational institution founded in 2002 at Pandi, Bulacan.

Students from the poorest of the poor, and those who have less in life, have limited resources and opportunities to get honest-to-goodness quality education. Quality education affordable to all is the CMI’s reason for being.

Staying true to its philosophy, the CMI exists as an educational institution that serves the poor and financially challenged students, with the goal of enabling them to achieve their fullest potential and empowering them to transform their lives for the better. The CMI offers tertiary education courses, technical and vocational programs, as well as Senior High School programs.

Because of the pandemic, the livelihood of the families of a majority of the CMIans have been greatly affected, with many of them unable to afford the internet necessary for e-learning.

Cognizant of the situation, the CMI has partnered with PLDT Enterprise to provide SMART Giga Study Plans for each student. Under the SMART Giga Study Plans, students receive mobile data allocation to enable them to access their online classes. SMART Giga Study plans are especially developed prepaid packages that cater exclusively to the academe. This includes daily data allocations for online learning tools essential for the success of distance learning.

The Board of Trustees of the College of Mary Immaculate expressed its gratitude to PLDT Enterprise for this product. “Now, more than ever, at this time of the pandemic, there is a need for us to reach out to the CMIans and help them continue their education, pursue their degree and achieve their dreams… By providing them with mobile data through the SMART Giga Study Plan, they no longer have to worry about buying prepaid internet for their online classes. Using their smartphones or tablets, the mobile data we will provide can enable them to continue learning through the online instructional materials we have prepared” they said.

“PLDT Enterprise is committed to supporting the education sector by providing tools and platforms for e-Learning, most especially during this critical time. These solutions will help ensure that despite the drastic shift in academic institutions, students can continue their education,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

PLDT Enterprise aims to redefine the future of learning through its continuous engagement with universities, colleges, and other learning institutions across the country so that no learner is left behind.

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