SFELAPCO September power rate remains at P10.50/kWh

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO—The San Fernando Electric Light and Power Company (SFELAPCO) announced the power rates for September will remain the same as August, at P10.50 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

This news comes despite a slight uptick in power consumption following days of warmer weather. 

Unlike in August, when the province experienced almost-daily rains, September brought fairly sunny weather to most of Central Luzon, including Pampanga. 

The warmer weather led to increased electric consumption due to longer operations of air-conditioning units and additional human activities.

Normally, increased consumption would result in higher power rates. However, the prevailing prices somehow managed to absorb the additional electricity usage, resulting in the power rates remaining unchanged. 

At P10.50/kWh, SFELAPCO’s rate is among the lowest in Luzon. 

SFELAPCO expressed its appreciation for this development, particularly considering the continuing increase in the prices of basic commodities.

SFELAPCO stressed that even though their business revolves around electricity, it does not mean they benefit from higher power rates. 

They explained that a significant portion of power rates are pass-on charges paid to power generators and transmission line operators. These are among the factors that hugely dictate power rate hikes. 

Thus, even when distribution fees— which go to SFELAPCO—remain the same, overall power rates may still go up.  

SFELAPCO also emphasized that since the firm is temporarily buying from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) it is not safe from the volatility of market prices, that are driven by both local and international factors.

The power distribution firm said that if it is feasible and possible for them to keep the cost of electricity lower, they are committed to doing so.

SFELAPCO hopes that this month’s power rate remains affordable for consumers, especially considering the typical increase in consumption during the “BER” months leading up to the holiday season. 

However, they are optimistic that the cooler weather during the coming months may help temper the surge in consumption. In light of this, SFELAPCO also reminded consumers to continue observing power conservation practices to avoid unnecessary increases in their monthly power bills. 

By being mindful of their energy usage, consumers can maintain manageable power bills while also contributing to the overall sustainability and environmental welfare of the community.