The Elements Balance Design

Designing the balance of the elements in offices, houses and spaces in general, is one of the major things that I do in the Philippines and around the globe.

EBD (Elements Balance Design), is my original method of healing for spaces and establishments. Nature elements, sensory, sensitivity, motor and divine pulsations, energetics flow, spiritual intelligence, the gift of knowing, all come into play and incorporated in EBD. The aim is to create a perfect pulse to sustain the core life source, either of a business, people or home.

I assist thriving businesses to ramp-up to success – not only on the monetary side but as well as to create harmony and happiness to the people involve and to their workers. In homes, I correct the disharmonious relationships which usually creates fights, ending up in physical and mental exhaustion, in the family. In offices, I align the employees and work areas, to address their issues – personal and work related, empower their self-love and confidence. Additionally, I bring enlightenment, for them to realize the importance of being holistically healthy, to attain an ideal camaraderie at work and reach achievements.

We are not the only creations living in the Universe. We are surrounded by different elements, which vibrates, pulsates and resonates with us. Some are visible to the eyes and some are not. There are different ways to know other existing unseen creations presence. Some people can see, while others with heightened sensory can feel. Those who understand the language of silence can hear, while some, they know through their sense of taste and discerning sense of smell. All these gifts of knowing, I was able to acquire, maybe from many years of spiritual studies from great loving gurus from different part of the world, through alternative healing practices, life experiences or it could also be a mere innate capability.

The four elements of nature are air, water, earth and fire. All these elements bring balance and are essential in life. These elements are visible and easily available. Therefore, if there is a feeling of lacking for instance of fresh air, you can visit a place full of greens and trees to breathe some raw air. The same thing goes with fire. When I feel low in energy, I seek for the sun to recharge. When I want to be grounded, I connect to mother earth, I walk on the soil barefooted. When I need to cleanse, I detoxify myself by drinking purified water and immerse in the embrace of the holy sea water. These are some helpful tips to balance your body’s elements.

In spaces, the shortness and misplacement of one element in a building, can bring down the whole empire to bankruptcy, disputes and chaos. For instance, if the main entrance of your house is facing south, financial losses and disruptive relationship among the partners, should be expected. If you sleep in the north direction, whereas your face is facing south, constant illnesses, anxiety, lack of energy – will be apparent. If the west side of your place has big windows and open, it will be hard for you to accumulate wealth and material loses will be experienced.

The good news with the system of nature elements, it can be balanced and aligned by a professional, credible and experienced elements healer. Through her skills and knowledge, a polished prescription of remedies to address the corners that needs some healing will be immediately noticed. Though this system is good, without the other world’s element, it is not sustainable.

As a spiritual holistic healer, to build a good relationship with the unseen and unknown, is of essence and should be prioritized. The unseen elements are usually categorized and referred to as angels, saints, holy spirits, aliens, vibrations, sounds, energy, elementals, universal spirits. I call them the beings of the beyond.  

How is it possible to connect to our invisible light bearer family? Simple. First, clean-up and fix the clutter in your space, in your mind and in your life. Negative energy thrives in dark and messy spaces, while the holy ones is the opposite.

Next, do no harm – in thoughts, speech, actions and deeds. These stimulates chaotic patterns that brings out confusion, hazardous to the person’s life and to the entire cosmos creatures.

Lastly, but the most important one for me, pray for them. We may not see our invisible friends, but they could feel our intentions. As you do this regularly with pure intention, these marvelous creations will start pulsating with your rhythm and fill up the bridge between the known and unknown. Everything becomes one and all senseless makes sense.

When you reach this height of grace, the balanced design of elements takes place. Brace yourself to a wonderful world full of magic.


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