Race Status Civic

Honda has always been known for making sensible cars because of their reliability and equipment, from their Type R Civics to their Compact SUVs – the CRV.

The all new and faster Honda Civic RS Sedan is bigger, better equipped and for the first time, boosted.
The Next Generation Honda Civic may be the boldest Civic yet, with its new Hi -Tech LED Headlights that stands out from the other sedans and its tail lights which are C in shape, wrapping around the booth and body and gives the car a firm and aggressive look.

You also get a sporty spoiler and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Like the older models of the Civic Type Rs and SIRs or Sports Injected Racing, this car is a proper successor of those amazing cars which are still being used to this day.

What’s inside
The interior of the car is also well equipped. You get a 7-inch touch screen entertainment system, which includes a 10-speaker stereo system. It also gets leather seats, a digital speedometer, steering wheel controls and a sun roof.

The driver seat feels like it was made for you. The bucket-like seats in the front row are wrapped in quality leather, which means long drives are very comfortable. The second row of seats is good enough for adults but better for children. The booth capacity of 519 Liters overall is quite big for a sedan.

Under the hood of this car you get a 4 cylinder 1.5liter I­VTEC Turbocharged engine which produces 173 HP and 220 N.m of Torque. You put your foot down the accelerator and this car really goes berserk on a straight line or even on the track. 0 ­-100 km/h takes an impressive 8.2 seconds, which is fast for most people. It also includes a 7­ Speed CVT Transmission with paddle shifters. The turbocharger gives you a lot of power even in lower revs. That means you

don’t need to put your foot down too much to feel the power of this car. The Turbo’s boost is equally distributed within the rev range.
The Civic’s suspension is really well sorted. In higher speeds the civic beautifully runs on the road, hugging those tight corners with ease, plus the steering is very direct and accurate. Even if you’re cruising down the road in low speeds, the suspension is good in absorbing the small cracks and imperfections on the road.


The New Civic Sedan RS has a different demeanor on the road. It’s well equipped and well -thought after. It’s a stylish, fun and practical car to drive with its speed and comfort, and it looks more complete and classy. –Throttle | By Choby Pelayo