The mind body link

Busy became my middle name for the past few years. Whenever friends or people asked how I am, my answer was always: I am good but busy. Which is true amidst the pandemic. 

I figured long time ago that everything has a pay back and no one is an exemption. Working on different projects here and abroad, alongside treating different kinds of body and mind unwellness in my holistic center, took a toll on my balance. Most healers like me, cannot resist a sick person in need of attention. We tend to overlook our own needs for the wellness of others. The signs of imbalance started to appear one at a time. My skin started getting dry, hair looking dull, back was stiff and diminished energy. 

My brain became a factory of ideas that is positive. However, anything too much even if it’s positive, it delivers unpleasant circumstances to one’s rhythm later. I urgently addressed my predicament when warnings arrived. I took a month leave from work. Now, I am happy to declare that I am back with loads of fresh energy to share.

Having said this, the link of the mental state to the body’ s condition is undeniable strong and vise versa. What is the best course to find your mind body balance? 

The first step is to check how your mind is doing presently. Is it working heavy? Can it focus and think clearly? Is it calm or hostile? What are your regular thoughts every day, bright or negative? Are you becoming forgetful and mentally easily fatigued? By knowing your mental body glide, you can connect its effect to your existing physical condition. For instance, if it is stress or under pressure, you might feel its effect in your stomach through indigestion or hyperacidity, overeating or lack of appetite, headache, palpitations, stiff neck and shoulders, dry skin, and rashes, to name a few.

Care for your mind like how you care for your body. Cleanse it, nurture it, exercise it, tame it. Meditation is the best tool in clearing the messy energy accumulated from an experience, that the mind went through. A regular daily meditation is equivalent to a shower every day. Imagine what happens to the body if you don’t cleanse it even just for a few days. It will start to smell, feels greasy, dirty, and lazy. The same thing happens to the brain if not taken care of properly. It will house filth, mess, clutter, darkness – which translates to foul mood, pessimism, irritability, anger, anxiety, and forgetfulness. 

The best nourishment to maintain brain health are leafy green vegetables, nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts), vitamin B12 and lots of sleep. While movement exercise like dancing, yoga asanas, sports, improve brain performance, playing crossword puzzles, vocabulary games – betters brain memory. It also rests your mind from thinking about other things other than the game. 

The mind doesn’t have limits. It can take you to the place of your dreams. Nonetheless, you cannot explore the power of your mind if it is now well. It is impossible to have a healthy body if the mind is not healthy. The two cannot be separated. 

From here on, put awareness on your psych flow. For it is the pillar to your vibrant health or to your sick bed. Choose well to live well.