The path to abundance

One of my clever Indian client/students in India, Raghu, once asked me how he can achieve abundance. He works so hard in his travel agency business, he is excellent at it, yet his financial status remains the same.

He said he did everything to upgrade his skills, attended ‘the millionaires mind’ workshops and the likes, hoping it will create a difference his life. It did not work. Maybe many people can relate to his story. Personally, I know good serious business people who are still in the same boat for years. 

Let’s look at the missing ingredients here. The secret that could perhaps lead to success, bring forth economic abundance and glory.

Most people believe that the way to success is difficult, rocky, painful and it takes a long time. A gloomy scenario. Remember the saying that your thoughts become your reality? If you think so, then it will be so. Shift your belief system. Take a moment to analyze how you view the road to getting what you desire for. This practice will make you realize how your brain was patterned to think. It is an important factor to know more about yourself. Without self-knowledge, what do you have?

The true issue has nothing to do with materialism or spirituality, for they have a similar ground in consciousness. All experiences originate in our state of awareness. Your present situation is the by product of your inner workings. Fear, trauma, lack of confidence – may play a role, blocking your full potential. The choice is yours to change your course or get stuck to the cycle of misery.

Seek within. Turn your eyes inward. This function is one of the most powerful 8 yoga sutras, which is referred to as “pratyahara” – my constant companion. It is an act of suspending all your external senses, turning your full awareness inside. In there, there are no limits. All become possibilities. Always consciously create fulfilling thoughts and believe in them. 

Focus on the same target goal. Constantly think about it with bright attitude. Visualize it is already in your hands and feel how your heart jumps with excitement. Elating affirmations may come into hand as well. Consistency is essential. It might take months or years to materialize it. Be patient and strong, you will have it. 

While Earthly possessions, money, fame, status, bring outer recognition and comfort, do not forget to set goals for inner abundance such as peace, love, joy, kindness, compassion, stability – to truly resonate a perfect abundant bliss in all dimensions of your existence.

Meantime, enjoy the journey of self-mastery and the lessons it will present along the way.