Top reasons why your business needs a strong social media presence

Welcome to the digital battlefield where only the most sound and seen climbs the internet ladder. As the money gurus say, it takes money to get money but in this digital survival of the fittest, social media is king. In a report by Statista, social media network users around the world are expected to rise at 2.77 billion in 2019 from 2.46 billion in 2017. That’s a lot of targeting. The 2018 Global Digital survey states an average Filipino spends eight to nine hours per day in internet browsing and four hours on social media alone. No surprise the Philippines was tagged as the social media capital of the world. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most used social media networks by Filipinos. Now that you know the game grounds, slay and stand out among competitors.

How well do you know your target market? Random sampling? Pin-pointing? This will only drive your money and efforts to waste. Identifying who’s who might take time but with the selective use of social media platforms, you’ll get to narrow your target market through targeting and retargeting. Know your focus, penetrate to be remembered. From age-groups, gender, location, interests – you’ll just be surprised to find out more untapped audience. With population analysis, your product or service is all up for improvement.

How to tell everyone that ‘Hey world, I’m here!’? In a world where everything is made available in a few clicks, the challenge is how to get noticed? How can you make people give all ears and eyes on your business? Lead them where to find you and your products and services. Less narration, just let your social media ads get it done for you. Get more leads by posting latest promotions, upcoming events, new products, improved services and the like. Be in the known by making it a habit of feeding your niche the right information they need. Make it comprehensive and attention-grabbing with the right call-to-actions. Know the power of words blended with quality visuals such as graphics and videos. First impression lasts.

So connected. Real-time virtual connection with your target audience is on the trend. Make them feel you are only a feather away from them 24/7 using live supports, quick response rate and customized auto-responses. This solves urgent clarifications, answers major queries, making the customer build trust on your company.

Next move is be at the comfort wherever you are while monitoring the results. Bid manual tracking goodbye, thanks to the analytics. Presentation of data is made user-friendly. With insights, one can identify sales growth, people reached, page views and reviews, most engaging ads and the like. What a time-saver!

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