Wealth and power

The game of politics has always been the struggle of those who are outside looking in and wanting to have one’s place, and for those who are already fighting to remain in their offices.

Up to now, many people are asking what’s in a political office that candidates spend millions and millions of pesos just to get elected. The frequent response among politicians is that they love public service, never would anybody respond by saying ‘I am after wealth and power’.

Predictably, one who is engaged in a discussion with a politician will remain polite but with strong doubts in mind. In this country, persons pursuing public office will be swallowed by the institutionalized corruption once elected. That’s the mindset of people. And as a matter of fact, it happened to many politicians who won an elected office.

Few days ago there was a post by netizens on Facebook about a congressman from the Bicol region who according to a Catholic bishop started penniless early in his life. ‘He can’t even build his own house nor can afford the rent on a modest apartment and was forced to live with his family on his in-laws’ residence’.

Over a period of time he became a billionaire as alleged. His breakthrough and joining the billionaires in this country is really amazing. A good 95% of solons both from the upper and lower chambers are multimillionaires. Even some governors and mayors of LGUs. Wealth and power. Good combination indeed to stay powerful, buying political seats.

In this light, people are urging President Duterte to make good his promise to wage an honest-to-goodness campaign versus government corruption with the same passion as fighting his drug war. Not all the help our country will get from countries like China, Russia, Japan and the United States can free our country from poverty as long as the sticky fingers of our leaders are chopped.