Whey King, GoClark Sports forge partnership to fuel multisport athletes

Whey King, the premier destination for cutting-edge sports nutrition products, and GoClark Sports and Events, a leading force in sports and events management, signed an agreement today, July 17 at Cycles and Brew, Clark Freeport Zone.

This strategic collaboration is set to invigorate triathletes and multisport enthusiasts empowering them to unleash their full athletic, training and racing potential. Under the terms of the agreement starting this October in New Clark City Triathlon, Whey King will be Presenting Sponsor in GoClark’s key events as well as the year-round nutrition and hydration partner.

As the official nutrition and hydration sponsor of GoClark Sports and Events in 2024, Whey King is poised to revolutionize the world of multisport by providing access to their exceptional lineup of sports nutrition brands. Whey King is the exclusive Philippine distributor of High 5 Sports Nutrition, Precision Fuel and Hydration, Applied Nutrition and Beet It Sports–brands preferred by numerous professional triathletes, cyclists, runners and even MMA fighters.

For triathletes and multisport enthusiasts, this partnership signifies a remarkable opportunity to enhance their training regimens and achieve breakthroughs in their respective disciplines. Whey King’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation combined with GoClark Sports and Events’ expertise in organizing exhilarating multisports races will create an unparalleled experience for athletes at every level.

“We are ecstatic to join forces with GoClark Sports and Events, an esteemed organization that shares our unwavering dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle,” expressed Nigel Young, President of Whey King.

“Through this collaboration, we aim to empower athletes across all disciplines of endurance sports, providing them with the finest sports nutrition products to amplify their performance.

By leveraging Whey King’s exceptional offerings alongside GoClark Sports and Events’ unparalleled event management prowess, we aspire to inspire participants and spectators alike.” Jumbo Tayag, Race Director at GoClark Sports and Events, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We are thrilled to welcome Whey King as our presenting sponsor and nutrition and hydration partner. Nutrition forms the bedrock of athletic achievement, and this partnership enables us to equip our triathletes and multisport participants across all experience levels with top-tier products that optimize their racing, training, and recovery. Together, we endeavor to ignite a fire within individuals, driving them to surpass their limits and conquer new milestones.”

The symbiotic alliance between Whey King and GoClark Sports and Events represents a shared mission to cultivate a healthier, more vibrant society through multisport excellence. By synergizing their respective realms of expertise, Whey King and GoClark Sports and Events aim to unleash a new wave of inspiration, propelling triathletes, and multisport enthusiasts to redefine their limits and foster a thriving multisport community. For more information about Whey King and their range of sports nutrition products, please visit https://www.wheykingsupplements.com/ . To learn more about GoClark Sports and Events and t https://www. goclarkph .com/ . heir upcoming events, please visit

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