You have the power to create your dreams to reality

So many funds used to life coaches, psychologists, motivational books, seminars on enlightenment, to name a few. How come that even after having an education on the mental and overall subject – sufferings, multiple failures, and low self-esteem are still experienced?

In ashrams, in India, Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, Japan – you will find thousands of spiritual seekers, coming from different part of the continent and different types of religious background. Searching for happiness and answers to their dilemmas and uncertainties. With the hope that their life will be renewed, they spend months and even years – pursuing what they feel is the right path.

It is fascinating to see these scenarios, at the same time intriguing. In Bihar monastery, in India, you will find American and European volunteers, dedicated their life to teaching yoga – in it’s true sense. They are remarkable spirits. Renounced their earthly desires, embracing the solitude they have found in the garden of kindness and happiness.

Generally, we know what we really want in life. Just like these seekers, they made it happen for them. From a dream, manifested to reality.

Society influences our thoughts, now comes a stronger influencer – social media. Instead of sticking to the truth of our being, those who are not strong enough, get carried away with what they watch and read in media posts.

When this becomes a regular habit, you start to separate from the true you and your inner calling. For anything that sounds lucrative and awesome, are magnetizing, especially to the youngsters.  Before you realized it, you are so deep into it, that it becomes more of an addiction than a need. Leaving you more miserable, than when you started.

One valuable lesson I learned in my life is that, we all have the ability to be the creator of our chosen reality. That to have an assurance of a good tomorrow; I should create good in my present. This method sounds simple, hence yet it demands solid focus, unbreakable determination, indestructible strength, and a dynamic balance.

Yes, you can do it too. When do you start? Now. How? Do the self-talk. Are you aware that your body and the universe are constantly listening to you and conniving with each other? They move in synchronicity. You affect them, and they affect you. Whatever you sent out there, even if it’s just an intention, it will for sure swirl back to you. Remember the word “karma?” It is real.

It doesn’t take much to build your object of goal. All you need is yourself. To prepare, sit and close your eyes. Now, command your brain, and all parts of your face to soften and relax. Do it gently and slowly. Then move towards your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, back, legs, feet – say soften – relax – rest.

Afterwards, say to yourself – while tapping your heart with your right hand gently, ‘I am the creator of my own reality”. Say it 3 times. Then tap your stomach while saying:  I am free of past sentiments, false beliefs, despairs, and doubts. Repeat 3 times. After, say:  I am confident, worthy, loved, and happy. Repeat 3 times, while tapping. Remember, you need to believe what you say with conviction, even if your mind does not agree to it or sometimes when unpleasant thoughts interfere.  

Next, place both hands on top of your lap effortlessly and imagine you being in the position in life that you been longing for. Feel the emotion and mental relief it brings about and cherish the joy. Stay for 2 minutes or more.

Lastly, maintain closed eyes, say: This is my reality. I am grateful. I embrace it. Thank you. Repeat 3 times while tapping the heart. Be silent for a while, about a minute and open your eyes.

If something unsettling suddenly occurs in your life, since you started this practice. Do not get alarmed – for the Universe is rearranging itself to materialize what you have created. Trust the process of the Universe of all knowing and be patient.

Do this practice regularly without changing your object of intention. Before bedtime is the best moment. For in silence, even the deaf could hear.