A Street Food Party with SM Markets Ready-To-Cook Meals

SM Markets introduces prepared meals to make home cooking more convenient for busy households and help them spend more family time. SM has done most of the preparation and shoppers simply have to cook it.

Meet the New SM Bonus Marinated Pork Barbeque!

Get ready for a delicious treat the SM Bonus Marinated Pork Barbeque is here! Made with yummy pork and tasty spices, it’s a mouthwatering experience that costs just 15 pesos per stick.

That’s right, 15 pesos only! Also available in packs of 10 for only P145. It’s a great deal for a tasty meal that’s easy to make.

United Steak Pre-Blanched Pork Sisig & Beef Tendon: Bursting with Flavor

But that’s not all-SM Markets also has the United Steak Pre-Blanched Pork Sisig. This dish is full of exciting flavors and is already partly cooked, so you can add your favorite ingredients to make it even better. With this pre-cooked option, you’re just a few steps away from enjoying a homemade delight.

Discover the joy of easy cooking with SM Markets’ ready-to-cook meals and prepare your very own street food festival at home.

Both SM Bonus Marinated Pork BBQ on stick and pre-blanched meats are available in select SM Markets stores.