Are you good to yourself?

What’s your way of life? Should be the first question to ask a person you meet. Not from which country or religion or profession, they come from. These are the awakening words of Geshe Lhakdor, in one of his inspirational discourses, I witnessed. He is a Tibetan Buddhist scholar, who helped in the translation of the texts in the book of Buddhism. The loyal translator of the holiness, Dalai Lama,

A child has nothing to offer when he was born but unconditional love; he said. He was naked and don’t own anything. He doesn’t have intellect, status, or wealth to extend. The first thing he did when he was out in the world, was cry. To get attention for care & love.

This great monk’s profound teachings, we’re always carefully delivered and well thought of. It leaves you a space to think, to use your own mind to process

From my countless studies abroad on spirituality, religion and beliefs from different schools of knowledge, the bottom line of all precepts is simple. It equates to living in kindness, compassion, unity and love. With these in place, a harmoniously wonderful life for each one of us, is certain.

Though religion is important in our entirety, the way we live our life or dharma, is by far mostly important.
Are you good to yourself?

The law of karma says that whatever you do to others, you are also doing it to you. For anything we send out there, be it a thought, action, material or intention. – it will definitely swirl back to us.

In other words, , if you inflict unpleasant deeds to someone, you are also harming yourself. The same goes, if you are doing wonderful things.

We have the habit of judging people through their educational background, profession, financial status, religion, but not their way of life.

Why? Simply perhaps, it’s less complicated that way. Or maybe we are not living in purity. So to avoid being undressed by scrutinizing eyes, fearing the truth unveiled – we opt not to touch the subject.

While technology has been aggressively transforming the world, shifting people’s mindset – highlighting the youngsters. The deeper we become less in touch within and further away from the real.

If you wish to realize how you are really doing, you may start basically by journaling your day.

What did you eat and drink today? Is it good for you? Did you shower today? How do you feel after? Did you fix your bed or room? How’s you mental state? If it’s not well, what can you do to better it? Did you make anyone happy? How did you feel? Did anyone made you smile? Who? Write the names down.

You may add more to your guideline questionnaires, to help you see your daily flow clearly in details.

To improve your way of living, try to fix your weak spots. For instance, you have a poor diet or lack of sleep discipline. Make it a goal to set them right. Leaving issues as they are or ignoring them, will cause future dilemmas.

Change only happens when we change something in what we do. If others can reshape their lives and so can you.

You are the only one who can decide for you. Trust yourself. Fire up your courage. Take charge. If you can think it, you are half way there.


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