SITG eyeing 5 personalites in Angeles chairman ambush

ANGELES CITY — Five personalities in the June 11 failed assassination against Barangay Amsic Chairman Ronnie Rogando, alias “Totoy Bibo”, have been tagged as persons of interests as the task group deepens its investigation Thursday.

Police Colonel Narvin Mangune, director of the Angeles City Police Office (ACPO), said more names have been submitted to Special Investigation Task Group – “Totoy Bibo” for validation. He declined to reveal their names.

“Members of SITG convened today and more names, believed to have have a link in the foiled assassination, have been forwarded and subject for validation,” said Mangune over the phone, adding that the investigators are receiving information about Rogando’s ambush from the community.Rogando, 41, remains under an intensive care unit in an undisclosed hospital but is in “stable condition,” said Mangune.

The victim, Mangune said, was on board a gray Honda BRV sports utility vehicle (CAO 7573) on his way to the Barangay Hall, when waylaid by a lone gunman sporting a crash helmet near the gate of Hensonville. Rogando suffered multiple gunshot wounds in different parts of his body, mostly in the chest, shoulder and left arm, but he miraculously survived.

Before the incident, Mangune said Rogando had been receiving death threats through text messages from unknown senders.

This prompted the victim to limit his movement and always wore a bullet proof vest. “On that day, Rogando apparently forgot his bullet proof vest,” said Mangune.

The ACPO city director said a security camera near the crime scene captured a gun weilding man and another one mounted on a red Rusi motorcycle.

Mangune described the gunman as tall with slim build, while the other one is small and slim built. He added that SITG probers are still out to gather more information relative to the ambush of Rogando.