Tips to attract good luck

Most people associate luck as a game of chance. An undefined constituent, with no specific scientific formula, to back up the claim.

Some tend to be luckier than others, which you might think it is unfair and keeps you wonder. Is it the mindset that brings them luck? Or is it a sheer luck acquired from birth?

Being lucky is a reflection of the choices that we make. It defines who we are, the quality of people who are drawn to us and we are drawn to, the environment we find ourselves in, the media where we are exposed, the way we spend our time, the manner we see and interpret the world and the attitude we carry towards all.

Luck has nothing to do with talent or accomplishments, per se. It has everything to do with the behaviors and elements outside the periphery of the everyday grind – where the magic lies, unlocks enormous possibilities, otherwise known as luck.

Tips to attract good luck:

  1. Have a positive outlook and expectations, even in the midst of uncertainties, difficulties and multiple failures.
  2. Practice patience. Patience is a virtue. It brings reward to those who practice it.
  3. Listen to your intuition. Hunches is the form of expression of the inner self. A warning so you may not fall in the trap of blurriness.
  4. Focus. If you are doing too many jobs and extra sidelines, you are not grounded and focused. Choose only one to two things to work on and believe that it will bear fruits.
  5. Expect fortune and visualize it. Imagine you already have that dream you have been longing for in your hands. Feel the experience and the happiness it brings about, like a child daydreaming. Do this exercise before sleeping. It is powerful and works.
  6. Stop worrying. It is not a good habit. It has no value and good contribution to your life. Worriers are most likely to catch sickness easily, compared to those who are not.
  7.  Do not fear. Look deeper into you. See what makes you fear and face it. Fear limits your full potential. Seek assistance and advise of a trusted friend or a life coach, to resolve it.
  8. Do not dwell on the past failure/s. Learn how to let go, move on and face the promising future.
  9. Be grateful. Cherish and give importance to what you presently have, while you wait for that big break.
  10. Clear clutter from your home. Be a minimalist and neat. Make a room for the bright things you want to magnetize. You attract, what you project.
  11. Keep away from energy vampires and  pessimists. Select heartwarming company.
  12. Create a cheerful energy in your space and wherever you go. A joyful and peaceful environment, creates peace and harmony – makes patience and positivity flow naturally.
  13. Share. Generosity and compassion, is a great combination that has an immense impact, both in life and business. It speeds up the materialization process, of all those you desire in your heart.
  14. The law of karma. Do good and good will come your way. Make mindful choices in everything that you do. Cultivate more good deeds. In the end, all that you put in the world, shall find its way back to you.
  15. Invest in yourself. Buy a book or attend workshops, classes, trainings. Keep on honing yourself, to synchronize with the cosmos of success.
  16. Reward yourself. Celebrate little successes along the way, with gratitude.
  17. Be holistically healthy. An ailing body and a distress mind block the channels of luck.
  18. Become the reason of other people’s luck.


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